The darkness of life can be dispelled only by the light of education. Whether someone is needy or not, education is the most important thing for every child in the country. Through education we can shape our future. In a big country like India, there are crores of children who do not get a chance to study since childhood, due to illiteracy; they do not make any progress in their lives. The light of education can dispel all the darkness of life.

Take steps at the social level

Under the Right to Education Government, free education is being run for the students. Along with this, mid-day meal is also given. The plan has worked but if anywhere in any city such cases are seen where children are not able to study then for them all of us need to think how to educate such children.

Progress will be made only through Education

The country is progressing slowly. That’s where things are changing too. Therefore, if someone is not educated, then it’s the biggest challenge for him. How will he learn something new? How to go about something? Being educated opens many doors of life. The education system in our country is fine but the system does not work properly. The government needs to keep an eye on this. The quality of education should be increased and it should be educated to Indian children in the same way as compared to other countries.