While we have never tried to compare ourselves with other NGOs out there, we do make an effort to play a larger role in benefitting both the benefactors and the recipients while being very environmental conscious as well. This is something I am not sure if a lot of NGOs may be doing right now. We have tied up with micro-businesses who manufacture environment friendly reusable masks and sanitary pads that we use to donate through our campaigns. hile serving the underprivileged, we also make sure that we generate work for these Micro-businesses promoting the Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Make In India initiatives that our Prime Minister launched. As we do this, we ensure that the impact to the environment is also on top of our mind as this is another area of focus for us. We not only try to serve the humanity to live well but also the environment so that we all sustain well.

 Our Mission 

We are the source of connection for those people who want to join in the fight to end poverty. Together, we invest in the lives of numerous children, foster the healthy environments they need to thrive, and empower them to create the lasting changes that will transform their lives forever. “By investing in the lives of children, we have the opportunity to create real, long-lasting change for families and communities all around the world.”